Golsan Baft

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Manufacturer of Polypropylene fabrics, Polypropylene bags, and Polyethylene film

About Us

Golsan Baft Company was registered in the Companies Registration Office on December 17, 1997 under number of 9093. After about a year, it was inaugurated on February 11, 1999, completing the installation and commissioning of machines, officially began its production on March 21, 1999.

Golsan Baft Company’s products are used as packaging tools in chemical factories, cement factories, flour, weaving units, and also in agricultural mines.

The production process of Golsan Baft Company is calculated and produced under the supervision of experienced engineers. All products are produced with  precise tools and devices of the latest technology system fitting the needs of each customer. In all stages of production, from the beginning of the process until obtaining the final product, tests are performed on the raw materials and also products to ensure the production quality during the production process. Quality Control experts and engineers (QC) in addition to controlling the production line at different stages, create the final products physically and chemically with the desired environmental conditions in the laboratory, and in terms of bursting, tearing, and mass pressure, as well as the resistance against the UV rays, carefully tested. After the final assurance in the appropriate packaging, the final product is delivered to the warehouse, provided to customers.

Message from the CEO

Golsan Baft is a combination of knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide high quality products and appropriate services to customers. We believe that the development of Golsan Baft will not be achieved except by relying on capable and specialized human resources. In this regard, striving for customer orientation, improving the quality of services, employee satisfaction, and securing the benefits of users of the products and services provided, is not a slogan, but a belief for us. Developing policies to achieve the ultimate goal of Golsan Baft, which is to create the highest value for customers and gain their maximum satisfaction, increasing the productivity, constant improvement, knowledge advancement and cost reduction is the priority and within the plans of Golsan Baft managers. Meanwhile, Golsan Baft, as an economic enterprise and with useful experiences, has always tried to take steps towards its growth and excellence in order to have the opportunity to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers.

                                      Mohammad Ali Ladi Seyedian

Production Line Technology

  • As mentioned before, the production technology and all the equipment and machines of Golsan Baft have been purchased from the best and most famous supplier of machines in the world, the Austrian company Starlinger. The main ones are as follows:
  • 4 Extruders including one extruder 700 – two extruders 1400 – one extruder 1400s with a total capacity of 40 tons per day
  • 101 Weaving machines including twenty SL 4 weavers – sixty nine SL 6 weavers – seven SL 61 weavers – two SL 62 weavers – three SL 8 weavers with a total weaving capacity of 45 tons per day
  • Three AD* Star bag production machines including two machines with a capacity of 60 boards per minute – one machine with a capacity of 120 boards per minute with a total capacity of 240 boards per minute
  • 1 Laminating machine with a capacity of 200 meters per minute
  • 2 Four-color printing machines with a total capacity of 250 meters per minute
  • 1 Recycling machine with a capacity of 3500 kg per day
  • Three automatic sewing and cutting machines with a total capacity of 120,000 boards per day
  • Other facilities and ancillary equipment


Producing high quality products and respect for customer rights have always been the main goal of Golsan group. This has made us known as one of the most successful companies in this field in the country. Every year the company is selected as the most top exporter in the province. In 2006, it was selected as the most top exporter in the country. Golsan Baft has been succeeded in obtaining ISO 9001 certificates based on compliance with management systems and ISO 14001 based on environmental protection and their practical application in the company.

Contact Us


Golsangroup company, 9th Km of Tabriz-Tehran road, Tabriz, Iran.