Golsan Kiseh Azerbaijan

Manufacturers of Big Bags, Polypropylene Straps, Multi-filament Yarns and Polyethylene Film

About Us

Golsan Kiseh Azerbaijan was established in 2010 at a distance of 9th km of Tabriz-Tehran road on a land area of 47,000 square meters and is currently one of the producers of all kinds of big bags, polypropylene straps and polyethylene film. The company has obtained all the licenses of its products.

The main goal of Golsan Kiseh Azerbaijan is customer-orientation and producing high quality products.

Field of Work

Golsan Kiseh Azerbaijan company is currently operating with a production capacity of two million boards of various types of jumbo bags to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

Jambo Bags
Polypropylene belts
Polyethylene film
Multi-Filament yarns

Message from the CEO

We have invented and studied new production and trade models through employing intelligent and knowledgeable young people, experienced forces, up-to-date and modern equipment and machinery with the application of new management mechanisms, so that we can maintain Golsan Kiseh Azerbaijan as the largest leading jumbo bag  manufacturer in the country and provide the trust and satisfaction of our dear customers, shareholders and hardworking staff as the most valuable assets of the organization.

Regarding the above, I state the company’s policy as the following:

  1. Maintaining and increasing the share of foreign markets
  2. Maintaining and increasing the share of domestic markets
  3. Environmental protection by reducing environmental pollutants
  4. Optimizing the production and reducing costs with a systemic   approach and continuous improvement
  5. Maintaining and empowering human resources through education and motivation

                                      Mohammad Ali Ladi Seyedian

Production Line Technology

Utilizing modern machinery and equipment, considering experiences and capable production consultants from well-known countries in producing jumbo bag, has set up the production line of Golsan Kiseh Azerbaijan into operation.

The production line of Golsan Kiseh Azerbaijan includes the following equipment:

1 Extruder 1600 ES with a capacity of 15 tons per day

30 RX6 knitting machines – RX8 knitting machines

1 Multi-filament yarn production machine with a capacity of 3500 kg per day

1 Wide laminating machine with a capacity of 100 meters per minute

1 Wide liner production machine with a capacity of 5000 kg per day

3 Liner sewing and cutting machines

13 Thong and thread production machines

1 4-Color printing machine

1 7-Color printing machine

6 Fabric cutting machines

2 Press machines

1 Top-lift test machine

100 Sets of sewing machines

Our Products

The products of Golsan Kiseh Azerbaijan company are used as packaging tools in chemical factories, cement factories, weaving units,  agricultural mines, and most industrial units. In addition to meeting the domestic demand, big bags are also exported to other countries in the world.


From the beginning of the process until obtaining the final products, various tests are performed to ensure the quality of production. QC experts and engineers, in addition to controlling the production line at various stages, test the final products physically and chemically with the desired environmental conditions in terms of bursting, tearing, and mass pressure tolerance in the laboratory. Also, resistance to the UV rays is carefully tested and after ensuring the desired packaging, the final product is delivered to the warehouse to be provided to customers.


The bearing capacity of the straps to the weight of the bag is tested with modern equipment.


Careful tests are performed to tolerate the amount of material on the bags.

Resistance to the UV rays

Bearing mass pressure

Contact Us


Golsangroup company, 9th Km of Tabriz-Tehran road, Tabriz, Iran.

Phone numbers:

+98 41-36377213~6

+98 41-36374154~5

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